31st August 2014 23:55
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The cinematography in this show. I swear to god.

31st August 2014 23:55
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This scene is so fucking heartbreaking

31st August 2014 23:54
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The Adventures of Dean and Cas

31st August 2014 17:56
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‘that’s my boy’

31st August 2014 17:54
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Sometimes, we all wish we were Misha….

Sometimes, we all wish we were Jensen….

31st August 2014 15:17
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old clocktower converted into a penthouse


It’s like this is my dream home but I didn’t know it till now. 

31st August 2014 2:30
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The initial bidding for The Word of God

sometimes supernatural is sad

and then sometimes stuff like this happens

But can we talk about the third gif where Sam is like What. Crowley, how dare you. she is a piece of art

and Dean’s like hmm; good bid, good bid. 

31st August 2014 1:02
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